Ableton Live On Stage
5d / 35h

 The objective of this training is to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to use Ableton Live software on stage. This training is intended for musicians, authors / composers, technicians, sound engineers, stage managers, or anybody who has to provide technical support to artists.
During this training, we will cover all the topics in order to design, develop and use a reliable and interactive set adapted to a live performance.


  • Songwriters, artists, musicians
  • Stage Managers, Backliners, Sound Engineers


  • Design a stable live set adapted to the gear used on stage, consisting of several songs / tracks.
  • Know the features of Live that are the most effective on stage.
  • Choose your equipment according to your needs
  • Know how to use Live as an instrument
  • Use controllers such as Push, MIDI controllers, Launchpad, Lemur on iPad …
  • Use Live to manage video, lights, use Max For Live


  • Have experience of the stage and issues related to live (connections, monitoring …)
  • Know Apple’s OSX environment.


Day 1: Learn how to use the Session Screen to play his music live.
Strategies for Scene Management.
Day 2: Integration of a several songs in a project.
Grouping tracks, sharing instruments.
Day 3: Using Live as an Instrument, Live Looping,
Day 4: MIDI Controllers, Control Surfaces, iPad Apps for Live Control, MIDI Mapping
Day 5: Using Live for video, light management, use of Max For Live.
Detailed content on request 


Hardware :
MacOS Workstation
Genelec studio monitors
RME Fireface 802 Soundcard
Controllers : Push 1&2, Novation RemoteZeroSL MkII, Launchpad, Lemur, Touchable, Native Instrument Maschine MkII, Maschine Jam
Synthesizers : Korg MS2000, Korg Minilogue, Volcas
Software : Ableton Live 9 & 10, Cubase 9, Komplete 11 Ultimate, Maschine, Serum, Melodyne
Microphones, Fender Rhodes, Guitar, Bass, various instruments 
Location :
The training center is located in Gambais, France in a studio less than 1h away from Paris in a calm and spacious environment.
It is possible to do the training elsewhere, jusk ask !


The fee for the training is 1350€ (Excl. Taxes)
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