Ableton Live Expert
5d / 35h

This training, intended for people already using Ableton Live, aims to deepen their knowledge and discover new features.
Using a song that will be built and improved during the 5 days, we will address the rhythm through Grooves and mixing, synths and different types of synthesis, the processing of audio and music. voices, and finally the use of Max for Live, both from the point of view of the use as the creation of effects.


Songwriters, artists, musicians 


  • Learn how to extract, edit, and apply a Groove
  • Know how to mix drums
  • Know how to use the Instruments Racks
  • Create chains of instruments according to pitch and velocity
  • Know how to choose the right synth and how to adjust it
  • Edit audio takes and correct imperfections
  • Know the basics of Max For Live
  • Know how to program an audio effect, MIDI and interact with the interface of Live


Day 1 : Beats & Drums : Groove pool, layering, use of Drum Buss
Day 2 : Synths & Keys : Different types of synthesis (subtractive, additive, FM, wavetable, physic modelling), Instrument Racks
Day 3 : Audio & Vocals : advanced warping, Fades, mixing and pitch correction
Day 4Max For Live day 1 : basics & audio effects
Day 5 : Max For Live day 2 : MIDI effects  & Live interface (API)


Hardware :
MacOS Workstation
Genelec studio monitors
RME Fireface 802 Soundcard
Controllers : Push 1&2, Novation RemoteZeroSL MkII, Launchpad, Lemur, Touchable, Native Instrument Maschine MkII, Maschine Jam
Synthesizers : Korg MS2000, Korg Minilogue, Volcas
Software : Ableton Live 9 & 10, Cubase 9, Komplete 11 Ultimate, Maschine, Serum, Melodyne
Microphones, Fender Rhodes, Guitar, Bass, various instruments 
Location :
The training center is located in Gambais, France in a studio less than 1h away from Paris in a calm and spacious environment.
It is possible to do the training elsewhere, jusk ask !


The fee for the training is 1350€ (Excl. Taxes)
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