KB Live Solutions


This controler is a “modular MIDI pedal box” where you can plug up to 12 footswitches (sustain pedal type) and 6 expression pedals.

Each footswitch can send up to 4 different MIDI messages, which means that you can for instance control 4 individual track Mute buttons, and have 1 pedal that will mute them all. Or you could clear 4 individual Loopers and have a “Clear all” button… It’s all editable thanks to the Ctrlr Open Source software (see screen capture).
It’s got Midi Out (DIN) and is powered by a separate outlet, the USB port is mainly here to edit the MIDI commands.

Specifications :

  • 1 USB port
  • 1 MIDI Out port
  • 12 Switch inputs
  • 6 Expression Pedal inputs
  • Software editor