SONG:MODE for Push and Launchpad​

A new way to use your controller.

SONG:MODE 2 displays the Session Scenes or the Arrangement Markers on your controller and allows you to group them on a single page. No more scrolling!

Each view has 2 different layouts: “Simple” and “Advanced”.

  • In Simple layout, each pad represents a Scene or a Marker, whther you are in Session or Arrangement view.
  • In Advanced mode, you can group the Scenes or Markers into virtual “Songs” by adding (SONG#) to the name of the Scene or Marker. This can be done from the controller itself.

This way, you can display your whole set on a single page, without the need to scroll anymore.

On top of that, SONG:MODE has many more features:

  • You can set a Loop between 2 Arrangement Markers by holding 2 pads.
  • Assign colors to Scenes or Markers from the controller
  • Create a “virtual start point” that lets you start your Arrangement from a locked position
  • Switch from Session to Arrangement directly from the controller.
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